Why does good hosting matter?

Why does good hosting matter?  As a small business owner, you invest your heart, time, and money into your website.  So many business owners do this and then go with the cheapest host.  I am an absolute advocate for spending business dollars carefully, but I’ve also learned the hard way that some things are worth a little more. (In this instance I really do mean a little bit!)

I recently switched this site onto my favorite host, Flywheel.  (Read my previous review here.) I did nothing else for SEO. I also have been ignoring my blog lately (read no new content updates to make Google happy) as I tend to my clients and my little ones. Just switching to Flywheel, who is much faster than my old host, increased my SEO for 17 keywords!  It put me on the 1st page of many of those words.  Of course, there is way more to SEO but page speed is one very good reason to use a fast host.

So here are my 5 reasons why Flywheel rocks and why good hosting is SO important.

  1. Incredible customer service – Real people that understand what they are talking about and prompt about solving all my problems
  2. Fast page speed times – For my photographer clients, or anyone using a high powered theme with lots of images, this is key.  (And yes Pro Photo 6 definitely falls into this category.)
  3. Security – WordPress is often attempted to be hacked.  Flywheel takes security measures to prevent this.
  4. WordPress updates – One of the easiest ways hackers get in is when you don’t have your software updated.  Flywheel takes care of this for you.
  5. Site backups – This is handled for you every day.  Lastly, they will restore your site if something does go wrong.

Finally, let me tell you a story.

I had a client from a year and a half ago contact me.  He found his site was gone.  He had hosted with Flywheel so I contacted them for him.  Turns out the client no longer had access to the email account that they sent the renewal and contacted him by, so the site never got renewed.  Most hosts at this point, almost 6 months later, would not do much more.  Flywheel found the backup of the site from May and restored it for us! I didn’t have to ask twice, or sit on hold, or speak to a manager.  It was just offered when I emailed with the situation.  This is the type of customer service I want for my website.

Questions?  I’m always happy to answer questions about hosting or getting you setup on a new website.  Just head over to my contact page.



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