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We offer three main design options, but understand that sometimes you fall in between and are happy to provide a custom project estimate.


I believe in keeping things simple, in business and in life. I keep this in mind with all my processes as we design your website. When we work together, I encourage you to always be open and direct in our communications.


You will always have a chance to give feedback, and your ideas can be as much a part of the design process as you like. Some clients come in knowing exactly what they want, and for others we work together to determine how to best visually represent and market your brand.


website design services


custom design & branding


We'll create everything just for you.


This is best for you if you know your business, your clients, and your goals. You're ready to commit to what you do, and dive into a process of making your brand vision come to life.


Semi Custom Websites


We start with a template base, pull it apart and put it back, creating a personalized semi-custom website.


This option is great if you want to have a website that feels uniquely you with less of a time and financial commitment than truly custom.


Updates & Add-ons


These projects are custom quoted, at an hourly rate of $125 with a 2 hr minimum.


A website should grow with your business. If you need help updating your current site, making changes or adding on a new section, we can do this.

"I hired Jessie to design my website, fell in love with her and her great ideas, then hired her to do 2 more sites! She's fantastic, has a terrific eye, excellent communicator. She's the only designer I refer. Book her now! "



custom design & branding

a truly custom website

Custom design goes through four phases. Between each phase, you will get a chance to review our work and give feedback.

1. inspiration

The first phase involves inspiration boards, surveys and our design consult. We deep dive into who you are and what your business is about, who your clients are, what makes you tick, and lots more. This phase is about taking ideas and representing them visually.

2. concept website

Next, we’ll use our concepts designed in phase 1 to create a concept website. We will create 2-3 pages, including your home page. This is where the design part really happens. As we build the site we remain fluid and adapt the design as needed. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to collaborate with us on ideas throughout this process.

3. Website development

During this phase, we take the concept site and complete it, including designing each individual page, implementing all your content, and making sure everything functions smoothly. As we design, we keep responsive design in mind, and we build from the ground up always thinking about how things will look on mobile. At the end of this phase, your website will be SO close to ready. We'll have a Zoom meeting, screen sharing and making any final tweaks, before going live.

4. Final Touches + Training

During this last part of our project, we make your site live, and do one more review of the site, to make sure every little detail is right. We also do basic SEO for all your pages and images at this time. Once we are done, we’ll schedule our final consult. At this meeting, you’ll have a chance to have all your questions answered and learn how to maintain your website. A video tutorial is always included as well.

semi-custom websites

a template personalized for you

A semi custom website is a chance to take your favorite template and make it even better. The process is similar to the custom design above, but a little shorter. When we create semi custom websites, we start with a template, then create a custom home page, personalize the fonts, and change the colors to match your brand. We also move around and tweak layouts around on the other pages as needed, and can add on an additional layout or two, such as a products page, client reviews, or a landing page.

  • A completely custom home page
  • Discovery meeting to get to know you and your business
  • Client survey to help us get a deeper understanding
  • Assistance in choosing the best template for your brand
  • Installation of theme and the new template onto your existing site, including all your content (or creating a new site if you don't already have one)
  • Guidance with colors and font pairings, and customization of these on the website
  • Designing any additional page layouts that were not included in the original template
  • Basic SEO setup optimization
  • A custom video tutorial showing you around your new site and teaching you how to make simple changes like images and text updates

add ons & updates

For my clients, whose websites I've built and worked on before, I'm happy to do small projects adding on a section, a new gallery, working on improving SEO, or making changes. All my sites are built so you can make adjustments yourself, but some of my clients prefer not too. If it's a simple project, we can move forward with it from an email, in which I'll respond with an estimate and availability. If it's more complex, or your a new client*, please book a consult so we can determine what your site needs.


If you have a project in mind that doesn't fit into a specific category, send me a note. Also, Work Together sessions can be great for updating your site, adding a new section, or setting up a template. Learn more about Work Together sessions.


*For new clients, it's usually best that we do a short Zoom call so you can show me the backend of your site as well, to make sure it's suited to make the changes you have in mind.



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Evenings and Saturday morning appointments are available by request.



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