Redesign your website in 4 weeks with our semi custom design process

We’ve been working on processes, proposals, agreements, CRM setup and all those other non-sexy parts of running a business. After truly breaking down what is important in a website design, and detailing out each step in our process, we’re now offering our Semi Custom Designs in 4 weeks!

How a new website in 4 weeks helps you

  1. You get a new look and brand sooner, so you can start booking your ideal clients.
  2. The creative process tends to lose something if dragged on. With a 4 week design, we stay focused on your project, in communication with each other, and all our strategic decisions are fresh in our minds while designing and developing  your website.
  3. You get back to doing what you love sooner. While we have a process that gives you direction and helps you do your part, designing a website definitely requires a time investment on your side too. With a short process, we can work with your schedule to choose a time of year that works with your business and life.
  4. We stay organized, with different aspects of the project that are our focused each week. Week one is inspiration boards, colors, typography, and your home page mockup. The second week we start the site build, including the header, footer, navigation and home page. Week three is dedicated to building interior pages (about, services, contact, blog and more). We wrap up the process during the final week with a final review on multiple devices, SEO, going live and training.

Before and after your design weeks

Before the project, you’ll have a Brand Assignment to work on, content to gather, and our Strategy Call. This all helps us be ready to truly start on your kickoff date. My assistant and I are both available during the weeks leading up to answer questions, review your content, and help you in any way needed.

All our projects include training so you can take over maintenance on your website, and know how to do basic updates. We include two weeks support after launch, in our project price. Often clients come back with a question on how to update something specific or a small tweak, during this time. While we make sure you know how to do everything, if you prefer to run your business and have us handle your website going forward, we’re happy to do updates on an hourly basis. We always leave time in our schedules to fit in repeat clients for small projects.

Next Step

If you’d like to learn more, send a note, and we’ll schedule a short phone call. These are no pressure calls, a chance for you to ask questions and we see if we’re a good fit.



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